Forecast-Rape is the most profitable crop in the country! :: 07.06.2010 Print

On 26 May, days before the harvest team to the representation of German company in Bulgaria, company Rapul Bulgaria, together with specialists from the German side, the traditional traveling seminar organized by Ludogorie Dobrudja in the Black Sea. Nearly 200 producers from the country traveled hundreds of miles to "tune you in this modern and had already trend in grain production. The third stop was in Mr. Cyril Zhendov, owner of ET-KPDT Renaissance: "In ten years, grow rapeseed, missed only 2001. When drought was severe. The fields lie 7400dka. Mainly focus on 4 hybrid" Rapul "and" pioneer. "Plants are healthy and strong, but fungicide played a role. For me important is the third submission of preparation against the disease. mainly used Karamba and Fulikur.'re still Treatment with insecticides against pests, with foliar fertilizers. And such a strong rape except that it gives high yield, is reaping always easier!