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The family firm "KPDT-Kiril Jendov" has been established in 1992 for cultivation of agricultural lands. In 2005 he cultivates already 2600 hectares of his own, lease or rented land in the Krushari commune and commune Dobrichka.

The firm is specialised in growing wheat, rape, corn, sunflowers and many others. It has its own machinery depot in the village of Lozenec and modern and multifunctional agriculture machines, as part of them have been bought as a part of the State fund 'Agriculture' and programme SAPARD and programme PRSR. "Renesans-KPDT-Kiril Jendov" has two released projects from the programme SAPARD as the investments expenses are around 1 000 000 euros. He uses only quality seeds in the sowing-his own production.

Kiril Petrov Jendov is 48 years old. He finishes his higher engineer education with subject "Agricultural engineering" in Ruse in 1986. He's got a good professional experience in the management of the lands.

His wife - Tatyana Jendova, has also finished higher engineering degree in Ruse in 1986. She also finishes another higher degree by studying law in 1997. In the company she deals with the financial and law enquiries.

Their daughter - Desislava Jendova, has graduated from law and in the company she is responsible for PR and the contacts with abroad.

The son - Peter Jendov, has graduated from "Agrarian economy" and at the moment he studies "Farming" in the Agricultural college in Plovdiv.

For the last 16 years "Renesans-KPDT" has gained the trust and respect of landowners and financial institutions. The fruits from their labour are the good production and financial results, for which Kiril Jendov receives the award "Agriculture Businessman of Dobrudja" for 2001 and 2003 on the biggest exhibition for agricultural technics which is held every year in Dobrich.

In 'Renesans-KPDT' work people with a long experience and training, who know the price of success-professionalism in everything.


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